Telegram keeps pace with digital currency boom among social networks


Based on Telegram's intention not to lag behind the introduction of digital currency culture into social networks headed by social media giant Facebook during the past period, Telegram has promoted reliance on cryptocurrencies through a multi-currency portfolio called Putin. Button Wallet.

Telegram, the most popular instant messaging app among today's social media apps, has supported cryptocurrency dependence by giving about 6.6 of its experimental currency (TON) to users who will deal through the Button network wallet.

On the other hand, in the face of the concerns raised by the Libra currency project, which Facebook is seeking to launch just to advertise, where concerns about the security and integrity of private data related to users of social media applications pose the greatest risk to cryptocurrencies to be launched Coming soon.

On the other hand, the cryptocurrency market has recovered significantly this year, with Bitcoin rising unbelievably since the beginning of the year by up to 200%. This recovery in the cryptocurrency market in general and Bitcoin in particular is due to the increased interest and orientation of large social networks to cryptocurrencies and their efforts to enhance their dependence by their users within the applications.

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