Technical Analysis

Eye on majors, quick technical outlook!



The EURUSD pair has been trading in a downtrend since placing the short-term peak in the 1.1415 zones. 


On September 03, bulls of the EURUSD pair has been able to stop the bearishness where they succeeded in drawing a hammer candlestick pattern. Areas of 1.1180 could be a soft technical target of the pattern as a recovery clear pattern. 

On the downside, EURUSD shouldn’t breach 1.0855, which act as a stop loss for any longs.


The GBPUSD has been locked in a consolidation mode since recovery from the medium-term low placed in 1.1950 zones. 


In result, we do believe that staying aside is preferable until a better signal appears. 

Key support exists in 1.2270, while 1.2380 limits the bullish recovery till the moment. 


The USDCHF pair is now in a clear bearish mode after putting in huge negative divergence, which is strong on H4, H6 and H8 as well.