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Daily Technical Analysis for 26-11-2019

Daily Technical Analysis for November 26


EURUSD is moving in a bearish direction over on-hour time interval, with a break of 1.0990 likely to target 1.0940.

Resistance Levels: 1.1055 - 1.1095 - 1.1175

Support Levels: 1.0990 - 1.0940 - 1.0880

Trend: down below 1.0990, rising above 1.1100 levels



GBPUSD is showing volatile movements on the one-hour time frame, waiting for the triangle to break or break to the upside to determine the direction. The RSI indicator is close to oversold levels, noting that the bottom of the triangle is likely to be a strong support and may push the price up.

Resistance: 1.2965- 1.3050- 1.3150  

Support: 1.2760 - 1.2660 - 1.2550

Direction: Volatile



USDJPY is moving upwards after breaching the trend line on the one-hour timeframe, but the RSI is indicating the price is overbought, so we will wait for a retest of the breached trend line to buy.

Resistance: 109.00 - 109.50 - 110.00

Support: 108.30 - 107.90 - 107.30

Trend: Bullish



Gold is moving in a bearish direction on the hourly timeframe, as seen from the chart below, the price is currently at 1455 and is likely to target 1445 as it is the first support level, where the RSI does not provide overbought or oversold.

Resistance: 1475 - 1495 - 1515

Support: 1445 - 1430 - 1410

Direction: Bearish


Oil is moving in an uptrend on the hourly timeframe but is close to the resistance level of 58.75 and the RSI indicator is close to the overbought levels, so it is likely to decline in the coming hours until the support level of 56.20 and then continue its rise.

Resistance: 58.75 - 62.50 - 65.00

Support: 56.20 - 53.75 - 51.45

Trend: Bullish


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