William Eckhardt: The 1000 trading systems creator

  • by Amir El Araby
  • July 16, 2018, 1:2 AM
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Eckhardt is one of the best commodities and futures traders and fund managers. He left the University of Chicago and forsook his nearly completed Ph.D. in mathematical logic in 1973. Eckhardt joined the high school with his friend Richard Dennis as a trader on the Mid-America Exchange. Both of them have become partners in C&D Commodities, where they created technical trading systems and launched the famous turtle trading experiment.

The details of the turtle experiment have become legendary, but the proof of its value can be seen in the many highly successful trading businesses it launched. Eckhardt launched his own commodity-trading advisor (CTA) in 1991, which has produced a compound annual return of 17.35% over 20 years and earned 21.09% in 2010.

Despite leaving academia prematurely, Eckhardt has published several papers in academic journals. In 1993, Eckhardt’s article “Probability Theory and the Doomsday Argument” was published in the philosophical journal Mind. His follow-up article, “A Shooting-Room view of Doomsday” was published in The Journal of Philosophy in 1997.

His interests include philosophy, physics, evolutionary biology, and the nature of time.  He has written a book on the subject of time entitled, Anytime: an essay on time and passage and his.

In 2006, he published “Causal time asymmetry in the journal Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics”.

He serves on the International Advisory Board of the Pacific Institute of Theoretical Physics and is a member of the Physical Sciences Visiting Committee at the University of Chicago.

His strong analytical and mathematical background formed his beliefs of the correct application of statistics and mathematical concepts, which he considered as the key for successful trading.

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