World's largest auto manufacturers after Fiat-Renault merger news

World top car manufacturers

One of the main reasons for the high vehicle penetration rate and its importance is that it is an easy way to transport. Moving from point A to B was not more convenient and easier than ever. You do not need to rely on public transport on your daily journeys anymore, and you can enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with a car.

With this type of acceleration in cars industry many companies competing with each other's in order to become the largest automobile company in the world.


For achieving such goal Fiat Chrysler Motors has proposed the merger of 50:50 on par with Renault French automotive industry, a deal that will create the third largest automotive group in the world behind Volkswagen and Toyota.

The Italian American group's offer includes a special dividend of 2.5 billion euros for "equity" of corporate value. The move comes weeks after Renault's strategic long-term partner rejected new initiatives for full integration.

The merger between two companies would create a total sum of 8.72 million units that would make them the third world largest automobile company, overcoming general motors company that sells 8.38 million unit per year.

However, the Volkswagen Group and Toyota will retain their first and second spot, with unit sales of 10.9 million and 10.6 million respectively.

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