Why does Africa register the lowest corona cases?

Why does Africa register the lowest corona cases?

Despite the rapid spread of Covid-19 in all countries of the world, countries located in Africa are on a different path, with data showing low infection rates within the black continent, despite the lack of medical capabilities.

According to the latest data released by the World Health Organization, the entire continent of Africa recorded 119,000 coronavirus infection until May 27, while the Americas recorded 2.45 million cases and Europe alone registered 2.04 million cases.

Although scientists believe that the reason behind the lack of numbers in Africa is the inability to carry out further tests, these numbers may give hope that Africa will not face similar scenarios to other countries, where the pandemic infection rates were very high.

In terms of testing, the United States came first with 42.79 tests per 1,000 citizens, while Canada conducted 39.21 tests, according to the World in Data website.

African countries show poor test figures per 1,000 people, with Nigeria showing 0.22, Ethiopia 0.73 and South Africa with 9.84 in figures showing the big difference between countries.

The small number of tests may be due to the suffering of most African countries from a chronic shortage of medical equipment, while health systems are still fragile in many places.

So far, scientists are struggling to understand the low numbers in Africa for droplet sourcing diseases such as influenza in general and coronavirus in particular.

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