Top ten universities with most wealthy individuals

Top ten universities with most wealthy individuals

Many universities have strengthened their reputation based on the achievements of their students, one of the ways to measure the prestige of the institution and academic prowess is to look at the number of graduates who ended up being millionaires or very wealthy. 

Wealth-X has released the third edition of high-value graduate rankings that compares the number of wealthy graduates at various universities around the world.

The survey found that U.S. institutions had the upper hand in the field, pointing out that the vast majority of wealthy graduates who graduate from American universities were self-made. 



Harvard University came in the first place with 13,650 individuals who amassed a collective fortune of $4.8 trillion.

In the second place, Stanford University had 5,580 wealthy graduates, with a collective wealth of $2.9 trillion.

The only exception was Cambridge University in the UK, which had 2,645 UHNW graduates with a collective wealth of $390 billion to be ranked in the 7th place, according to Wealth-X. 

In the last place, Chicago came in with $707 billion collected from 2,405 UHNW graduate students.

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