Top 10 most expensive cities for public transportation

Top 10 most expensive cities for public transportation

Public transportation is an important requirement for any city. In some cases, public transportation is much faster than private vehicles as it avoids the traffic jam. Or it’s much easier and cheaper than taxi in many places.

The public transportation in London is efficient and covers 37% of the city’s journey, and considered the highest public transport costs of any major city in the world in 2019.

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A monthly public transportation ticket would cost $179 in London, which is nearly $3.70 for a single ticket. Yet, it remains a cheaper option as rental cars average $172 per day.

The second most expensive city is Dublin, Ireland, where the commuters pay nearly a monthly ticket $128, according to Deutsche Bank. Then the third one is Auckland, New Zealand, with a cost of $125.70 for the monthly public transportation ticket. 

With around $123.1 monthly ticket, Tokyo, Japan, emerges as the fourth most expensive city for public transportation, but average salaries is good enough in proportion to the cost of living.

The least but not the cheapest all over the world, is Melbourne, Australia, that comes number 10 on the list of the most expensive public transportation with around $102.3 for a ticket per month.

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