Three paths to conquer Covid-19 pandemic

Three paths to conquer Covid-19 pandemic

With the widespread of Covid-19 around the world, scientists are racing against time to develop an effective vaccine that will cure from the virus, which has spread rapidly over the past period.

According to recent data released by Milken Institute, which tracks the progress of more than 60 treatments, scientists are now working on three main axes) repurposed drugs, antibodies and vaccines) to find a vaccine for the novel coronavirus in a step that could be one of the greatest moments of science ever.


Reuse of existing Drugs

The fastest way to face Covid-19 is if there are already approved medications that have an impact on the virus, where these drugs do not require comprehensive tests in order to know the effects on the virus in addition to its side effects. Until now there are approximately 7 drugs are in this category.

One of the most prominent of these treatments is the treatment of chloroquine malaria, whose shares have increased over the past period as a potential treatment for the coronary virus.

However, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of FDA-approved drugs that may be one of the revolutionary theorals in order to eliminate the virus, so many scientists are rapidly examining these known drugs in the hope of discovering an effective one.



It is common knowledge that antibodies are a natural part of the human immune system that works periodically from viruses and diseases of attacking the human body.

The antibodies are taken from people living with Covid-19 in the discovery of a new treatment for the virus and how the body treats it and this can be done through the transfer of antibodies from a reovered persone to an infected one without intensive tests or prolonged approval processes, as long as standard protocols are followed.



This is the longest axis, with vaccines taking longer to test in order to significantly judge their effectiveness and safety on the disease as well as side effects, but once again biotechnology may be the best solution to accelerate this stage.

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