Ranking of companies with the most patents in 2018

Ranking of companies with the most patents in 2018

In the leading innovators, research and development of new products, 11 out of the top 50 companies rated for 2018 among the most innovative companies were from the technology sector and most of them were from the United States.

According to the Intellectual Property Owners Association, which released its list of organizations that receive most U.S. utility patents, the  giant based in Armonk in New York, USA IBM came in the first place as the most innovative company in 2018, with more than 9,088 innovations by the end of this year. 


In the second place came the South Korean giant Samsung with 5,836 innovations, surprisingly less than the first place with approximately 4000 innovations, but it's still more than traditional rival Apple Company that came in 11th place with 2,147 patents. 

In the sixth place came Alphabet Company, which known as Google’s parent, with 2,597 patents, while Microsoft Company and Qualcomm emerged in 9th and 10th places with a slight difference between them.

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