People spend more time on social media in 2019

People spend more time on social median in 2019

With the acceleration of technologies around us many people all over the world using their mobile phones or tablets to go through social life in what called social media apps that are keep growing more and more in recent years. 

If you look at any place, you'll see it. People using their phones surfing social media apps. Immersed in the latest news, memes and updates from their friends.  

Most recent some countries now making signs in their routes for people with such attitude in order to prevent people from entering each other, while in Australia, some cities have begun to include traffic lights on the pavement to ensure that those who are not looking off their screens are drawn. 

A survey conducted by FameMass showing the percentage of people using a particular app and their average time during the day using these apps showed that approximately 3.48 billion people using social media apps in a way or another.

The statistics showed that in 2019 people stay on social media apps for at least 2.23 hours more than the last year with 1 minute and by 8 minutes more than 2017. The gap had widened between 2019 and 2012 to 93 minutes. 


The statistics showed either the apps and the time spent on it as in the first place came the social media giant Facebook with about one hour per day, Instagram taking about 55 minutes, while the lowest app in time consuming twitter with average of 3 minutes per day. 

Latin-America came in the first place as the top social media users with average daily time about 3.20 hours per day. The second place was the Middle-East with 3.12 h while North-America came in the last place with 1.56 hours per day. 

People explains their reasons for using such apps with 40 percent of them saying that they use it for staying up to date and keep up with the news around the world while the minority uses these apps in order to stay in touch with friends.

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