Countries with the most effective 5G network speed

Countries with the most effective 5G network speed

Although the global 5G version is still in its infancy, some networks are active and people are already connected.

Given that it is revolutionizing the 4G network it is replacing, the 5G is already realizing some of its potential. This is according to OpenSignal's wireless coverage mapping company which measured 5G and 4G speeds in eight different countries. They found that some fifth-generation users already experience significantly higher speeds before the arrival of the fifth generation.


The United States comes on top of the countries which the 5G users with 1,816 Mbps, 2.7 times as fast as 4G users' fastest speed, and nearly double the 4G users in the US. Switzerland came second, while South Korea came third with its 5G speeds reaching 1,071 Mbps while its fastest 4G speed was 619 Mbps.

OpenSignal expects the fifth-generation speeds to improve the mobile user experience as technology evolves to be able to combine the performance of multiple bands and channels together to increase maximum and medium download speeds.

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