Countries most, least prepared to contain Coronavirus outbreak

Countries most and least prepared to contain Coronavirus outbreak

At the moment, there is no voice above the Coronavirus, a disease that originated in the Wuhan province of China and spread to many countries, including countries outside the borders of Asia such as France and Germany.

In this infograph we will show you the most well-prepared countries to confront these types of viruses according to Global Health Security Index published last October.

This indicator analyzes state preparations by countries for these situations, by focusing on whether countries have the appropriate tools to deal with large-scale disease outbreaks, with results measured on a scale of 0 to 100.

In the first place, the United States came with 83.5 points out of 100, which made it the most prepared country against unwanted visitors such as the Coronavirus.

Not far from the United States, the United Kingdom came in second place with 77.9 points out of 100.

China is in a late position with 51st place with 48.2 points, which can explain how the virus has spread in China in a short time, where it has killed so far 170 people while the infection reached 2,861 cases, of which 461 are critical.

Not surprisingly, there is an African country in the last place, as Equatorial Guinea is in the 195 place with only 16.2 points. But, no country in Africa has confirmed the existence of a case of the Coronavirus.

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