Countries hit hard due to covid-19 impact on tourism

Countries hit hard due to covid-19 impact on tourism

Day after day, the effect of the Corona virus and the closure procedures followed to limit its spread and its impact on global economies, the tourism sector in some countries will be more affected than others.

The significant impact on the tourism sector appears crystal clear, as from the beginning of this pandemic fears emerged whether the tourist destinations will receive the sufficient number of visitors in the future and fears that the opening of resorts and easing restrictions will lead to the spread of the virus again.

The following chart by the World Travel and Tourism Council shows the ratios of dependence of countries on the tourism sector from GDP and the importance of the tourism sector to those economies.

In the first and second place, Spain and Italy, with up to 14.3 and 13 percent of their GDP from the tourism sector, are shown.

In fourth place is Germany, one of the top 5 countries in terms of Covid-19 infections, showing a contribution of up to 9.1 percent of GDP.

In sixth place, the United States, the world's strongest economy, shows a contribution of 8.6 percent to the tourism sector in GDP.

In last place, Iran, one of the 10 countries most infected with the Coronavirus, with a ratio of 6.8 percent of Iran's GDP.

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