Barcelona generated the highest revenues in 2019

Barcelona generated the highest revenues in 2019

2019 will remain an eventful year for Barcelona, where some were good, others were bad, but on the economic front, it was a year that was not forgotten for the Catalan provincial club.

According to the data revealed that the Catalan club, for the first time, Barcelona topped the ranking of football clubs with the most earning in the world in 2019.

Barcelona generated € 840.8 million this year, an increase of €150.8 million over last year's 2018 income of €690 million.

Real Madrid, who excelled last year, earned revenues of € 757.3 million, only €6.3 million more than last year, but nevertheless, the royal club outperformed all clubs in other financial aspects such as earnings before interest, taxes and debt depreciation, and net debt.

In the first indicator, Real Madrid received €124 million, surpassing €72 million for Barcelona, and for the other side referred to, there is a big difference in the interest of Real Madrid at the expense of Barcelona, a club with debts of €217 million, while Real Madrid have debts of €24 million.

The two Spanish giants were followed by other major clubs such as Manchester United and Bayern Munich, where the Red Devils generated revenues of €732 million, while the Bavarian club revenues amounted €652 million.

According to Deloitte that the top 20 clubs in terms of revenue made about $9.3 billion last year, as club revenues have increased over the past five years, it is due to lucrative broadcasting contracts that have shifted club revenues, with broadcast income rising by 11% annually, while accounting for about 44% of the revenues of Europe’s top 20 clubs.

In 10th place came the Italian giant Juventus with €524.5 million after witnessing an increase of €60.5 million over 2018’s income of €464 million.

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