Amazon heads the top 100 most valuable brands in 2019

Amazon heads the top 100 most valuable brands

The release of such data indicates the importance of business leaders' brands. Brand is the reputation and generates trust for the company, its products and services.

The brands listed in the top 100 brands are the most trusted brands in the world. Technology companies have led BrandZ’s top 100 ever since its first global brand value ranking in 2006.

With little sign of a slowdown in growth, Amazon has taken over Apple and Google, which ranked first and second in BrandZ among the top 100 global brands in 2018. Amazon has become number 1 branding all over the globe in 2019.


In the top 10 list, Facebook remained in sixth place, while Alibaba surpassed for the first time Tencent and became the most valuable Chinese brand, rising to two places to rank number 7 by 16% to a brand value worth $131.2 billion.  

Luxury is the fastest growing category (+29%) followed by Retail (+25%), fueled by the shifting preferences to digital channels from GenY and GenZ consumers.

Worth mentioning that China and US trade war affected the growth of the Top 100 ranking, which slowed to more than 7% over the last 12 months. Consumer confidence was hit as the trade tariffs impacted several brand categories, with Cars, Logistics and Banks suffering the most.

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