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US economy sheds more than forecast jobs

US economy sheds more than forecast jobs

Today, the US economy released the government jobs report for the non-agricultural sector, and data showed that unemployment rates remained unchanged from November, despite the economy giving up jobs largely and unexpectedly due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

 The jobs report showed that the US economy gave up 140,000 jobs in December, while the previous reading showed the appointment of new jobs in November by 245,000 jobs, while expectations were to create 60,000 jobs.

 On the other hand, unemployment rates in the United States stabilized at 6.7% in December, unchanged from the previous reading, and expectations were for a 6.8% rise.

 As for the average hourly wage index, it recorded a rise of 0.8%, above expectations of 0.2%, while the previous reading indicated an increase of 0.3%.

 The dollar index returned to decline during today's trading after the release of weak jobs data from the US economy, to record its lowest level today at 89.77. This comes after the dollar index rose today and reached its highest level in a week at 90.11

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