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Theresa May resigns, what’s next for Brexit?

What's next for Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday that she would step down from the government and the Conservative Party on June 7, at the invitation of the ruling party.

May told a press conference that her decision came to make room for a new leader to try to get out of the "deadlock" over Britain's exit from the European Union.

"The picture is clear to her: It is in the interest of the country to have a new prime minister leading the Brexit effort," May said.

Reuters said the departure of May would deepen the Brexit, as the new Prime Minister is likely to support a "tougher" Brexit deal, which will increase the chances of confrontation with the European Union and push the country into early Parliamentary elections.

The European Union has announced that its stance on the British withdrawal agreement has not changed, even after the resignation of May.

Party members in parliament will begin to liquidate the candidates until two remain on June 10. The final vote will be taken in July in a poll involving 100,000 party members.

The main concern is that the most privileged candidates for leadership of the conservative May party, and former foreign minister Boris Johnson, assert that they will go ahead with Brexit at all costs.

"We will leave the EU on 31 October by agreement or without agreement," Johnson said. To get things done, you will be ready to come out without agreement."

The pound rose 0.4 percent against the euro on Friday after a 14 straight days of decline, yet it finished the week on a loss.

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