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Euro area CPI inflation drops 0.3% in September

Euro area CPI inflation drops 0.3% in September

The euro zone today announced data on inflation rates during the month of September showing the continued deepening of the decline in inflation, which is far from the target of the European Central Bank, where is expected to continue in this manner until the end of the year.

The final annual CPI reading for September recorded a decline of 0.3%, unchanged from the preliminary and expected readings, while the previous reading for August was down by 0.2%.

The annual core CPI reading saw an increase of 0.2%, coming in similar to the preliminary reading, while the previous reading was up by 0.4%.

On the other hand, the trade balance in the euro area showed that the trade surplus shrank during August to 14.7 billion euros, after the previous reading showed a surplus of 27.9 billion euros, and expectations were in favor of a surplus of 15.1 billion euros.

As for the movement of the euro against the US dollar today, Friday, it witnessed fluctuation within weak ranges. The pair recorded the highest level today at 1.1719 and the lowest level at 1.1692. 

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