Figure out top countries searching for Bitcoin halving

Figure out top countries searching for Bitcoin halving

It seems that interest in cryptocurrencies has continued to increase over the past period, especially Bitcoin, as one of the most important events related to the cryptocurrency market approaches, which is the halving.

According to a survey published on May 4, the cryptographic services company RockX, the majority of Chinese elite miners, up to 57%of them, expect to increase the number of new bitcoin buyers (BTC) within the next six months.

Data recently released by Google supports this vision, as data suggest that a large number of countries tour the world, especially Western and Central Europe are leading the way in the search for "Bitcoin halving".

With 7 days left on the halving process, some countries generated the most requests for the oldest cryptocurrency.

Austria is currently the fifth most active source of research for the search and purchase of bitcoin, despite being considered a foreign country for Bitcoin.

Netherlands is the second largest country searching for halving process, the country that pursuing its own digital currency, not to mention its desire to become the main hub for the digital euro, showing a big interest in this topic.

In the first place came Switzerland, which they are well aware of their permitted regulatory position on Bitcoin, having produced major cryptocurrency-focused financing products for several years.

Moreover, more than 71% of respondents believe the market has regained confidence in bitcoin, not to mention the belief that its Bitcoin business will be priced between $10K and $12K, up to 45%, while others, with a ratio of up to 24 percent, think it will hover around $10,000.

On the other hand, respondents, over 57%, also thought that Bitcoin hash will not change significantly after half, and expect it to be between 110 and 130 exahashes per day. According to Bitcoin Network Analysis website BitInfoCharts, as of today, the Bitcoin network currently has 127 exahashes per day.

This seems to be in line with what many in the encryption community believe. Cointelegraph also recently reported that 37% of the cryptocurrency community expects Bitcoin's hashrate to be higher one month after the block bonus is halved from what it is currently.

The Bitcoin advanced 0.56 percent to trade at $8,889, Ethereum saw a 0.76 percent plunge to $204 and Ripple descended 1.59 percent to $0.22.

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