Figure out ECB candidates for Presidency after Draghi


With current European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s eight-year term ends in October 2019, there have been several expectations for the next ECB head who will inherent a heavy legacy.

While Draghi’s era has been characterized by crisis fighting through the excess usage of bond purchases, his successor is likely to start scaling back stimulus as growth and inflation move on.

A ranking based on a Bloomberg survey of economists has put the current hawk Bundesbank’s President Jens Weidmann as the front runner for the ECB Presidency.

However, European Union governments may not vote to Weidmann on fears he might be in hurry to close the money taps that have remained for years.

It is worthwhile to mention that although Germany is the EU’s largest economy, it has never led the ECB, which could be a point in favor of Weidmann.

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